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Since 1975 The Jackson's companies have been leasing aircraft to a number of air operators throughout North and South America.

Aircraft Types

  • Grand Caravan C-208B Wheels
  • Caravan C-208 Supervan 900HP Wheel/Amphibious Floats
  • DHC-3 Turbine Otters Floats/Wheels/Skies
  • DHC-2 Beavers Floats/Wheels/Skies
  • Navajo PA 31-310 Wheels
  • Cessna 337 Wheels
  • Cessna 185

Benefits of Leasing

  • Operate aircraft without the financial burden of buying them
  • Provide temporary increase in capacity
  • Leasing is attractive when aircraft are in need for startup venture or for tentative expansion of an established carrier
  • Provides flexibility to air services to manage fleet size, expanding and contracting to match demand
  • Keep cash flow

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Aircraft Leasing
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